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Dogs in the wild would hunt and kill small mammals, empty their stomach contents, mainly consisting of semi-digested grains, herbs and vegetables. They would then often bury the rest of the prey to let it “ripen” and come back some hours or days later, depending on how hungry they are. Chasing, hunting and killing are natural instincts in every dog. These we can simulate by letting the dog chase and “kill” toys, or by doing agility. Equally important is the actual eating of the prey, crunching up the bones and chewing hard on the meat. With the modern dog foods, this is almost lost and I am sure that many behaviour and physical problems can be attributed to the lack of natural food being available to the dog.

Nature never gave the dog a tin opener or a tooth brush! Any change to a dog’s diet needs to be made gradually and if there are any health problems only after consultation with a vet. The disadvantage of feeding a natural diet is that it takes more time to prepare and is not as easy to take with you on holidays. However it is no more expensive than a commercial dog food diet and the advantage is that you know what your dog eats and will soon be able to see an improvement in general vitality and coat condition.There are many books on the market on natural diets, a couple I recommend are: “Give the dog a Bone” by Ian Billingshurst and “Keep your Pet Healthy the Natural Way” by Pat Lazarus.

Alternatively you can make up your own grain feeds which I do. Ask me if you need to know how! There are various feeding charts available for feeding raw meat. Some feed meat every day. I personally only feed meat about 4-5times per week as again if dogs were left to their natural habitat, they would not be able to hunt and kill every day and the tendency is to overfeed.

I also feel it is good for the digestive system to have a break for a couple of days. You may find if you do this that on the meat free days, your dog is even more energetic, as he feels really good!Below an example of a diet, but there are many others and you will soon find what suits you and your dog, but you should include the various types of meat etc. so he gets all the nutritional requirements. You can be imaginative and add other things, like scrambled or raw eggs, cottage cheese, grated cheese, grated mixed vegetables, sardines, cooked turkey (meat only not the bones, as cooked they can be harmful) Pilchards, mackerel etc. especially on meat free days, garlic , vine vinegar, parsley etc . The example below is for a medium sized dog. Chicken wings are minced including the bones. Not many butchers are prepared to do that,but we have a butcher who supplies various club members.

Alternatively you can buy a mincer from http://www.northerntooluk.com/product search and do it yourself.It is important to do thorough research into natural feeding. Many dogs who have been on a commercial diet for years, will not recognise raw foods as edible and many vets are against natural feeding. To satisfy the natural requirements natural diets are given in two stages. The grain food and the meat meals are given separately with as much time in between as possible. Dogs should never be exercised after a meal. Giving a small grain meal in the morning after exercise or at lunch time and then the meat meal last thing at night is a good way of doing this. A company called Green-Ark delivers the grain food directly and reliably to your door. All you have to do is soak the food overnight or for three hours and feed to your dog. At the beginning you may have to mix in a little grated cheese or similar because your dog may not think it is “food”.If you send a large SAE to:

Green Ark Animal Nutrition,
Pendle House Barn, Burley,
BB9 6LQ.

They will send you a Diet Booklet and price list.

Or telephone or fax 01282606810
e-mail greenark@zen.co.uk
website www.greenark.co.uk.

Monday a.m. 160g Green Ark cereal food 3 teaspoons sunflower seeds (in powder form, put seeds in liquidizer.) 2 teaspoons cod liver oil
Monday p.m. 400g raw chicken wings 85g lambs hearts
Tuesday a.m. As Monday a.m.
Tuesday p.m. 400g raw chicken wings 85g raw chicken liver
Wednesday a.m.


Wednesday p.m. 400g raw chicken wings 85g pigs kidneys
Thursday as Monday
Friday as Tuesday
Saturday as Wednesday
Sunday a.m. 160g Greenark, sunflower seeds and cod liver oil
Sunday p.m. Boiled turkey with sardines or similar.

The quantities are approximate and you will have to adjust them according to your dog’s needs.

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