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Behaviour Problems & Private Tuition

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Naughty Dog


Does your dog have a problem?

· Does he not come when called?

· Does he bark excessively at home or in the car?

· Does he pull on the lead?

· Jump up at people?

· Chase joggers, cars, bicycles, horses or other animals?

· Is he aggressive towards people or dogs?

· Does he have a problem with house training?

· Is he afraid of noises, sounds or anything?

· Is he destructive?

Sometimes when a dog becomes part of the family unit, things can go wrong because the dog does not understand how to live by our rules and how to adapt to the way we want him to behave. Maybe he is a rescue dog who has not had a very good start in life or simply a young hooligan who has become a little boisterous. Sometimes problems are more serious.

When you come for a behaviour session, we will help you firstly to understand why your dog is doing what he is doing and then help you find a way in which to change his undesirable behaviour to a desirable one. Kind and effective methods are used. Occasionally behaviour problems are directly linked to a physical problem in which case we will deal with it as a referral to or from your vet.

Shaggy on Beach

Depending on the problem the session can take place at our venue or in your home.
A one hour consultation will cost £100.00 which also includes continued telephone support if needed. Follow up sessions may be necessary.

Very often people are under the misguided impression that “Dogs will grow out of a certain unwanted behaviour”. Sadly in most situations this is not the case. Dogs learn by repetition good and bad things and the longer an unwanted behaviour carries on, the harder it may be to cure. If you are worried about something your dog does or does not do, try not to leave it for too long before you call for expert help.

We will try and help you to own a dog you can be proud of, a dog that is well adjusted and a dog you can enjoy and have fun with every day.

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Hege training

Private Tuition is available in Agility, Obedience, and Heelwork to Music, Clicker Training and with Behaviour Problems.

Many pupils benefit from a one to one session for various reasons:

· They want to have some intense training before an important competition.

· They have a problem they want to try and solve.

· They have had to miss class lessons and want to catch up.

· Their dog is very nervous and finds a class situation too stressful.

· They enjoy the activity so much; they want to treat themselves to more!

· Their timetable does not fit in with class lessons.

· They want to make progress quickly.

Private lessons can be arranged during the daytime or evening and some weekends at mutually convenient times. If required video recording can be arranged, so that the content of the lesson can be watched and analysed later.

Private Lessons cost £35-£40 per hour in all the above activities and

£100 per hour for behaviour consultations.

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