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Club Information 

Overview and Aims of our Club

The club was created in the 1990 and is run on a professional basis and all the instructors have undergone training. Our instructors, Nikki, Debbie, Hege and Sam are experienced agility competitors who have spent  many years teaching agility,training and competing their dogs at top competition level. 

Kathrin studied people and animal psychology at London University has taught all over the world, judged and competed at Olympia and Crufts and has owned different breeds of dogs. We pride ourselves in being a club who will not only teach you and your dogs how to train in agility correctly and safely, but also with all the most recent training methods. 

Our training methods are kind, effective, reward based and fun. People and dogs can take part in the activities purely to have a hobby with their dog and make friends at the club.


 Alternatively for the more ambitious handlers there are the facilities to train their dogs and themselves up to competition standard and compete at weekends all over the country, qualify for finals and compete at Crufts, Olympia or the World Championships! 

For more details on what training the club can provide, please see the 'Training' page. 







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Instructors Nikki, Debbie, Hege and Sam

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Kathrin's previous dogs

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Kathrin with Moley and Charlie