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Club Information
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Overview and Aims of our Club

The club is run on a professional basis and all the instructors have undergone training.

Our training methods are kind, effective, reward based and fun. People and dogs can take part in the activities purely for fun, to have a hobby with their dog and make friends at the club.

Alternatively for the more ambitious handlers there are the facilities to train their dogs and themselves up to competition standard and compete at weekends all over the country, qualify for finals and compete at Crufts, Olympia or the World Championships!

Training Days and Times

Training is available all the year round with only a short break for Christmas and the New Year

· Classes are held every evening Monday to Friday from 6 p.m -10 p.m. at our indoor and outdoor venues.

· Daytime classes are available from 10a.m.-1p.m.

· Wednesday morning we have a special class for OAP’s (affectionately known as the “Wrinkly” class),
which is very popular.


· Private tuition in all fields every day by arrangement.

· Weekend courses during the winter months.

Who can take part?

Everyone is welcome!

· Adults
· Children
· OAP’s
· Disabled People (some of our venues are suitable for wheelchairs)


Until dogs are about a year old and their growth plates have closed, we do not allow them to take part in strenuous exercise over full height agility equipment.

All breeds of dogs are welcome!


· Puppy Socialization from 12 weeks (or earlier by arrangement)

· Puppy Agility from 5 months

· Classes are available for older dogs and dogs coming back after injury (under guidance from a veterinary surgeon).


The cost varies at different venues depending on the rent charges for outdoor and indoor schools and can be obtained on application for a course.

A rough guide is £60 - £70 for a 10 week course with an annual membership fee of £10.


All equipment is of competition standard, (Premier, Jaycee) and includes wells, walls, tables and various sets of training weaves.