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Millie and I really enjoy Wednesday evenings, thanks to Pat's patience and the other members of the class who put up with the sudden outbursts of noise, but it has been the making of Millie. The Winter League is good fun even though we don't take part in other shows but maybe next year.
Sue Murray
Kathrin and her team are welcoming, supportive and professional, the classes are fun and 'upbeat'. It feels like my poodle and me have been part of the club for years not just a few months.
Becky Layphries
I never thought that in my first year of training under you I would win out of Elementary and be getting good places in starters, especially with the combination of running a 'Poodle' and having Senior Moments (frequently)
Many Thanks.
Brian Hutton
Thank you very much for all the training that you put in with Emma & Myself. Now I've lost her to Brian and I am having to start all over again with Edward. How long before Brian takes him over?
We do always look forward to our lessons.
Jean Hutton
"I love being a member of MAD, there is a class for everyone and every dog. You couldn't wish for a better team of instructors. There is always something going on outside of normal classes, like club competitions, fun days and training days. It's like being part of a big family!"
Nikki Barber
I came over to the UK from Japan with my corgi. Imagine how petrified I was in joining an 'English' agility club! Apart from the fact that I suspected that I would be the only 'foreigner' there, it all sounded very prestigious and well out of our league. Shouting out commands in Japanese in the local park was kind of embarrassing enough...but to do that every week in front of the great English agility community??? Also, I was terrified of being told off that what we had been doing in Japan was all wrong or out of date.

I am happy to say that I couldn't have been more wrong. Ever since I joined Kathrin's club, all the staff and members have always made us feel really at 'home'. Everyone has helped us---explaining (patiently) the British agility rules, taking care of us at competitions (which includes helping us actually enter them!), and also giving us all the local gossip! While the level of training is certainly topnotch, the atmosphere couldn't be more friendlier and above all, fun! Kathrin has a very special gift with dogs---not only has she improved our agility skills, but she has helped me understand and communicate with my dog much better than before. Being a first-time dog owner, I have made plenty of mistakes so far and probably will continue to do so, but if there is one thing that I did right, it would definitely be the fact that I joined Kathrin's club!
Yuri Arita
'At the club I really enjoy doing agility with my 2 dogs because it provides me with professional training, sound advice, excellent camaraderie and above all, I am encouraged to feel that nothing is impossible to achieve if you are consistent and determined to succeed.'

[And I mean all of it!!! ]
Maureen Foster

I can think of no other activity / sport in which all ages and both sexes can learn and compete with their dogs on an equal basis – I look around at the league competitions and see very ageing OAPs competing with 10 year olds – fantastic!
Best wishes
Mary Leech

"I was recommended to go to Kathrin's as I had a particularly unruly Curly Coated Retriever who, to try and channel some of her exuberance, my wife and I decided to put Maisie into Agility. I have still got videos of those initial days when we had one to one's with Kathrin and cannot believe how far we have come in just 2 years. Maisie may not be a world beater but her enthusiasm shines through. She also knows who the boss is, Kathrin. We have had dogs for over 30 years, but have never done anything competitive with them before, what a lot we have missed. Friendship, helpful people, fun and most of all a good club and excellent trainers.
Chris, Alan and Maisie Ives.

My most outstanding impression is the comments everyone is making about Badger since he began training with you a few months ago. To put it mildly he could be a bit of a handful but now all the comments relate to how well behaved he and what a nice little dog he has become.....and it's all thanks to you and Hege!
Judith King and Badger!

Before I met Kathrin I was keen on agility, now I'm just MAD!
Martin Gill 

I first went to Kathrin’s classes when Bertie was ten months old. Jackie Weaver joined in too with Bertie’s sister, Daisy.

Although I did a bit of Agility when God was a boy, I had realised Agility was now a very different ball game and I would have to start all over again. To the untrained eye I was too old, too fat – and I didn’t have a Border Collie! Forgot to mention Bertie and Daisy are Labradors!

We joined the puppy class, poles on the ground, ‘A’ frame and dogwalk flat on the ground too. It was about three term’s later that we first attempted the seesaw. Confidence with the dogs was paramount as was safety and consideration for each different breed and size of dog.

What a joy these classes are, full of fun and support from all the other class members.
At the end of each term the Stopwatch comes out and points can be gained towards the end of year awards. Kathrin holds plenty of events during the year and her own show at Loseley House.

Although Bertie’s first sport is Working Trials, he loves his Agility and I am sure his puppy experience with Kathrin has helped his confidence with the Agility Section in Working Trials.
by C.C. Guard & Bertie.

When you are feeling old and going grey,
Wake up each morning to a boring day,

Do not despair, help is at hand,
Just log on to Kathrin's wrinklies band.

If you are looking for some motivation,
We oldies will give you inspiration,.

Speed is not what we are after,
Just precision, fun and lots of laughter.

So what ever your age and dogs ability,
You CAN keep going with MAD Agility
Joan Stubblefield